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The death of choice - Increasingly, big tech companies are influencing the important decisions in our lives. Not just what we should buy, but how we should live and what we should think. As our individual worlds continue to be ever more tailored to what they want us to see and do, will we soon be walking a predetermined path from cradle to grave - a sort of self-imposed Matrix? Does it matter? And if it does, what can we do about it?

Should we pause, put down the Kool Aid, and question: Is the inexorable rise of automated influence really giving us choice or is it just prescribing our future? View Less

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  1. An in depth look into how big tech companies are influencing our perception of 'choice' as consumers
  2. How does this predetermined path we set for consumers influence the world around us, and what role do we as marketers play in this
  3. Is big data going too far in determining the level of personalised content consumers see, and if so - what can be done about it


Alistair Campbell Executive Creative Director We Are Social

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