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Today’s tech giants are more like countries than companies. It’s not just the vast resources at their disposal, but these multinationals also encompass a constitution, a cabinet, a foreign policy, an annual budget and even social policy – with a sphere of influence that can impact the average consumer and the state.

They have cornered entire markets in search, ecommerce, and social media. They have forced the consolidation of their competitors, creating more monopolies. Companies with this kind of power can distort their own markets and change society, re-writing regulations, creating neighbourhoods, and weakening governments.

We’ll hear from all sides how the David can best co-exist with Goliath – How can we fully understand our new monopolies – and what should we expect of them?
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What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Understand how monopolies impact our lives as consumers today.
  2. Hear first-hand from a range of experts that have lead or been impacted by monopolies.
  3. This is dynamic discussion which welcomes your audience input, providing a broad range of differing opinions on the subject matter.

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Simon Reed Commercial Director Kelkoo Group
Andy Hart C-Suite Business Consultant Lightharted Holdings
Julia Hobsbawm OBE Founder Editorial Intelligence
Jessica Butcher MBE Co-Founder Tick, Blippar

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