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We live in the Age of Distraction - a time when the average human attention span online is now down to just 8 seconds, the lowest it’s ever been.

Brands need all the help they can get to be heard above the din of an increasingly noisy internet.

In an interactive session presented by Realeyes’ CEO and co-founder Mihkel Jäätma, attendees will learn how Emotion AI can help brands inform their content strategy, minimise risk and optimise their ad content.

Attendees will not only be given AI-powered insights to help maximise their marketing success, but also get a live, interactive demonstration of how the tech works up close. View Less

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. How branded videos can generate high lifts in key brand KPIs
  2. Tips on how to maximise emotional engagement and attention using short ad formats
  3. What are the most common mistakes and pitfalls to avoid in effective brand storytelling
  4. Some key insights from high-profile campaigns from Nike, Gillette and John Lewis
  5. The most effective way to integrate a brand into the story that will generate the maximum levels of emotional response
  6. Why consumers perceive branded content as more influential than ads they typically see on TV or the Internet


Mihkel Jäätma CEO Realeyes

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