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In this session, Manchester City CMO Nuria Tarré is interviewed by COPA90 Chief Business Officer James Kirkham, in an exclusive reveal of Manchester City Football Clubs release of their research into women’s football around the world. The session will highlight the clubs’ ambitions inspire a new movement, empower and embolden the trailblazers and support the women’s game in years to come.

We are on the cusp of an historic breakthrough. From growth to exposure, to participation, women’s football is at a tipping point of acceptance. And this year’s World Cup in France for example is expected to see viewership exceed its record-breaking 750m from the last tournament.

James and Nuria will explore the Manchester City philosophy of Beautiful Football can even play a unique role in making cultural shifts that reach way beyond the sport.
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What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Hear findings from exclusive, global research on women's football
  2. Understand how the philosophy of Beautiful Football can play a unique role in making cultural shifts
  3. Learn how COPA90 and City Football Group plan to inspire a new movement in the women’s game


James Kirkham Chief Business Officer Copa90
Nuria Tarre Chief Marketing Officer City Football Group

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