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As the importance of voice moves rapidly up the marketing agenda, brands are working quickly to find their voice. How do they sound and how do they ensure that in a voice-controlled future they aren’t mute? But with such a focus on consistency of brand sound, what is the un-tapped opportunity for brands to tailor their voice to speak to different audiences? Neuroscientist Dr Sophie Scott and impressionist Duncan Wisbey join the IAB on stage for an interactive exploration of how brands can flex their voice.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. How to create a brand voice
  2. How to flex your brand voice for different age groups
  3. The different vocal cues and intonations various age groups have picked up from popular culture
  4. Seeing one of the UK's leading experts in vocal neuroscience on stage
  5. Seeing an impression from Dead Ringers flex his voice for a live demonstration

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Sophie Scott Professor
Duncan Wisbey Impressionist

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Event Type Workshop