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In-app holds huge potential for companies to evolve and reach new, engaged audiences - but are all the possibilities yet to be fully realised? How can companies safely navigate this rapidly growing industry? This session takes a forward thinking approach on how to equip advertisers for the key developments on the horizon: expansion, brand safety and in-app potential.

Gaming has surpassed film, TV and music revenue, with mobile holding the largest audience over console and PC. But with advertising spend slow on the uptake with a focus on more traditional digital avenues, is the potential of in-app gaming yet to be realised?

This session addresses the key issues facing companies when considering in-app advertising- how do companies ensure their brand is safe? What is the best way to harness in-app during its expansion and growth phase? What are the possibilities beyond the usual advertising tracks in-app can offer that reach an engaged, wide audience? John-Paul Burke explores the future of in-app capabilities and the implications for companies to revolutionise their advertising approach.

There is no shortage of discussion around brand safety; the session will focus on how gaming apps are ensuring they provide a safer environment that invites closer relationships with companies looking to unlock the unique and vast potential in-app has to offer. View Less

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  1. How to identify brand safe in-app opportunities in the future
  2. How to utilise in-app to generate creative, unique content
  3. The best way to utilise mobile growth to expand your reach


John-Paul Burke Country Manager, UK, Ireland and the Nordics Gameloft

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