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In this special CraftWorks panel for Advertising Week Europe, David Reviews editor Jason Stone will be joined by directors Benjamin Green and Molly Manners. The pair - who have experience of directing television comedy as well as TV commercials - will discuss the contrasting demands of the two spheres and consider the benefits of switching between them.

There's long been a two-way flow between commercials production and the film industry with directors such as Ridley Scott and Alan Parker emerging from advertising, and others such as Wes Anderson and Wim Wenders making the occasional TV commercial after forging hugely successful careers as features directors.

With TV in the midst of a golden era, it's not surprising that advertising's thirst for directorial talent has turned its attention towards the small screen's most skilled practitioners. There's a tremendous demand for directors such as Benjamin Green, who has directed a number of highly-regarded television comedies, and Molly Manners, who was part of Channel 4's red hot promos team for a number of years and has just directed a top secret comedy pilot.

Benjamin and Molly will join David Reviews editor Jason Stone to talk about their TV and commercials work and explain the similarities and differences between the two. View Less

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. The differences between the demands of TV and the demands of advertising from a director's perspective.
  2. The ways in which the skill set of a director is enhanced by working in a different sphere.
  3. The benefits of working with a director who understands the longer form.


Jason Stone Editor David Reviews
Benjamin Green Director MindsEye
Molly Manners Director Academy Films

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