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Rankin and Benny Higgins, two global titans, talk creativity, leadership and how they navigate the fast-changing marketing landscape in pursuit of growth with Suki Thompson.
Rankin: Award-winning international photographer, publisher (Hunger, Dazed) film director and founder of The Full Service agency.
Benny Higgins: Head of The Scottish National Investment Bank, chairman of Buccleuch and previous CEO Tesco Bank.
Suki Thompson: Executive Director Xeim, Centaur Media, Co-Founder and Chair Oystercatchers.

The marketing industry has been dominated by discussion around data and tech, with automation and AI driving the debate as businesses transform for the digital age. Creativity’s halo slipped and its role as a growth driver has dropped off the C-suite agenda.

Meanwhile, the dynamic creative sector and culture impact our lives, building a healthier and more sustainable society. The economic impact of creativity and culture is widely documented. But is creativity having to find new ways to sustain itself? Have the two worlds found allies in one other?
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  1. Creativity
  2. Leadership
  3. Culture

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Rankin Founder Rankin Group
Benny Higgins Strategic Adviser The Scottish National Investment Bank
Suki Thompson Executive Director Xeim

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