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The IPA's figures show change in diversity is glacial. Why do we lose our best female talent just as they're stepping up to leadership roles? And what can we do to change this? We talk about the impact of a lack of flexible working on women's careers, the perception of 'returners' ('you are only as good as your last job'), bias and what we can do to change this. We look at why brands like Diageo care about the make up of their creative teams and why this step-change must fast-track the industry's drive for equality.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Discover how to close your gender pay gap - creative departments are a key driver
  2. Why diversity matters to brands like Diageo and why they're taking the lead
  3. Learn how to drive an inclusive work culture
  4. Find the hard facts about why women leave - and what stops them coming back in
  5. Hear how recruiters have to become more inclusive in their approach
  6. Find exceptional talent with key life experiences and fresh perspectives
  7. Drive an efficient new working culture with this talent

Presented with


Amanda Farmer Managing Director VMLY&R
Shilpen Savai Employment Lawyer GunnerCooek
Syl Saller Chief Marketing Officer Diageo
Caitlin Ryan Regional Creative Director EMEA Facebook
Ali Hanan Founder & Creative Director Creative Equals

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