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The Digital Revolution began with a series of technological innovations that quickly coalesced into a completely new connected way of living, working and communicating. After decades of progress and trillions of dollars of investment, why are brands still struggling to navigate these evolutions in technology and the corresponding shifts in consumer behavior?

Join R/GA’s Global CEO, Sean Lyons, R/GA Founder & Executive chairman Bob Greenberg, and R/GA’s head of strategy for EMEA, Rob Campbell, as they unpack the briefs that every brand should be tackling to transform their business, customer experience and marketing.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Why brands are still struggling to navigate technological evolutions.
  2. How brands can transform their businesses, customer experience, and marketing.
  3. What brands can do to adapt to shifts in human behavior.

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Bob Greenberg Founder & Executive Chairman R/GA
Sean Lyons Global CEO R/GA
Rob Campbell Head of Strategy, EMEA R/GA London

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