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In this session...

Jo Burford, Whalar's Head of Creator Solutions, is joined on stage by three coveted influencers to discuss the new wave of creativity in influencer marketing and what the inclusion of ALL creative voices means for advertising now and in the future.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. The new wave of creators shaping the influencer landscape
  2. Influencers as a force for good
  3. Trust or bust - fake followers and bots
  4. Beyond the post: casting, insight, brand extensions
  5. What's next? the future of influencer and the role they can play for brand building
  6. Influencer Q&A

Presented with


Jo Burford Head of Creator Solutions Whalar
Clym Evernden Creator/Influencer Whalar
Jade Pearl Influencer/Creator Whalar
Sofia Salazar Creator/Influencer Whalar

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Event Type Seminar

Related Topic Area  Creativity & Arts   Tech 

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