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The now infamous Fyre Festival highlighted just how much can go wrong when organising and promoting a large-scale event. They did get one thing right however, they demonstrated the power influencer marketing has to create something, from absolutely nothing perfectly.

But how has it evolved since its inception, how should brands work with influencers and what technology is available to help marketers power growth in this space?

Our expert panel, which will include an influencer marketing expert, a brand and a prominent influencer, will explore how the influencer marketing industry has advanced, why working with influencers should be seen as a partnership and share examples of the results it can deliver. The panel will also discuss how both data and technology now play a key part in this industry, especially when it comes to tackling brand safety and fraud.

The panel will finish with quickfire audience quiz that will test attendee’s influencer trivia skills, with a fantastic prize on offer to our winner.
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What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Understand why brands should form creative partnerships with influencers
  2. Learn influencer marketing best practice and see the results it can deliver
  3. Discover how technology and data is tacking fraud and brand safety concerns
  4. Hear from an influencer and discover how they have been collaborating with brands

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Caroline Flack Presenter
Caroline Duong CEO & Founder Zine
Emily Valentine Influencer & Founder
Paul Scanell Head of Influencer Inca, Group M's Influencer, Content and Amplification Solution
Paul Tremain Joint Head of Mediacom Beyond Advertising MediaCom

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