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‘Going Viral’. A special kind of social media magic that makes your marketing break all the rules and go further than you could have ever predicted. But all most all content never manages to spark a conversation beyond its own extended networks. Gen Z are coming of age. They’re a completely different breed to millennials and brands need to act fast if they are going to capture their imagination. Hannah has found the formula to making viral content for Generation Z, and she’s going to share her secret recipe with you.

Hannah Anderson used this innate understanding of social media to start Media Chain, one of the fastest growing social media publishers in the world. They reach over 1.8bn people every month through their 80m followers.

As an expert in connecting with the youth audience, Hannah explains and demonstrates live how you can create content that will go viral with Generation Z.

Hannah will be joined by one of the digital team from Iceland who will also give the perspective from their brand and the success they've had through repositioning themselves among young audiences. View Less

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. How to make social-first content for Generation Z
  2. How to position your brand to Generation Z
  3. An insight into the latest changes in the social platforms and how this will effect your marketing


Hannah Anderson Director of Social & Creative Media Chain
Lucinda Granton Project Management Graduate Iceland

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