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Influencer marketing has come under fire recently. Here, Ben Jeffries, CEO and Co-Founder of influencer marketing platform Influencer, discusses the challenges the industry has faced and why they have, in fact, helped to shape the industry for the better.

In his talk, Ben will highlight the challenges that the influencer marketing industry has recently come up against and how these have allowed the industry to develop and improve. Ben will cover the much talked about Fyre Festival and what it revealed - the great power of influencer marketing and the subsequent responsibility that the industry now has; the CMA’s new guidelines and the uncertainty they caused; the confusion between celebrity endorsements and influencer marketing; and who is responsible for the lack of transparency within the industry. View Less

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. What was Fyre Festival? How did it all go so wrong? Who was to blame? How can we avoid these situations going ahead?
  2. The CMA's new legislation - the positive and the negatives.
  3. The difference between a celebrity endorsements and an influencer partnership and how confusing the two is dangerous for influencer marketing.
  4. Who is responsible for the lack of transparency in influencer marketing? Brands, influencers, governing bodies?


Ben Jeffries CEO Influencer

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