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What does it mean when the computers start getting creative? When algorithms, ideas and insights merge to form a new state of augmented creativity? In this original and thought-provoking session, writer, columnist and host of the infamous Literary Salon at Shoreditch House - Damian Barr - will host a panel discussion exploring the impact that new search technology is having on the creative industries.

Joining Damian Barr will be British poet Helen Mort, academic J.C Kristensen, Head of Innovation at media agency Initiative, Lee Ramsay and J.Paul Neeley, founder of metaphorical search engine Yossarian Lives.

The controversial debate will explore how augmented creativity technology challenging established patterns of thinking.pit top creative minds against the technology itself. Who will triumph? Man or machine? Or are the best creative outcomes a result of the two coming together? Find out this, and much more, as we explore this newly launched concept and understand how it could impact our entire industry. View Less

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Lee Ramsay Head of Innovation Initiative UK
J.Paul Neeley Co-Founder and CEO Yossarian Lives
Juliette Kristensen Design Historian & Researcher Goldsmiths and the RCA
Helen Mort Poet
Damian Barr Novelist, Journalist, Playwright

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