Soichiro Minagawa

Every night with smartphone in hand, he patrols the social media neighborhood as both a hobby and for practical benefit. More often than not, this is where he happens upon hints for project ideas. Soichiro’s main work includes: the “Ninja High School Girl” and “Shuzo Matsuoka Genki Support Project” campaigns for Suntory’s C.C. Lemon; “#IzaOnigashima” for Pepsi; “Satomi Ishihara Puni Puni Dance” for Meiji Kaju Gumy; “#ProEvolutionSoccerDoItAgain” for the Konami soccer video game; and “Smartphone Sneak Peek Drama: One-Sided Love Now Sending” for Baidu Simeji. His major prizes include: a Silver Lion in Branded Content and Entertainment at the Cannes International Festival of Creativity; Bronze in the Interactive category at Adfest; a Gold for Online Film at ACC; the Grand Prix for Advertisers at BOVA; a Grand Prize for Advertisers at the Newspaper Advertising Awards; and a medal for Creator of the Year at JAAA.