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Advertising Week Asia welcomes back top digitals leaders from Japan. These leaders from consulting companies and VS agencies gained high popularity last year. These professionals in marketing in the digital domain will speak to many topics. The theme "Disrupt Japan !?" will begin by looking at the current situation of Japanese companies within the world. The discussion will then touch upon the following questions: What are the things that must be solved beyond the boundaries of the company? What is necessary to create new growth and business? What is the talent needed for this new world? This session will be hot debate between top industry professionals, do not miss it!


Yoshihiko Kasamatsu President & Executive Producer ignite Inc.
Motohiro Ando Corporate Officer Hakuhodo Inc./ Hakuhodo DY Media Partners Inc.
Junichiro Kurokawa Head of Accenture Interactive Japan Group/CEO of IMJ Corporation Accenture Japan Ltd.
Yoshihisa Suzuki COO Dentsu Digital Inc.

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