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Professional Rugby leagues that are usually located in developed areas such as Europe and the Southern Hemisphere are becoming more globalized. There are more competitions among Ruby clubs beyond borders and player transfers are now more active.

Although right now Rugby is popular only in some countries and regions in Asia, where 80% of the young population live, Asian countries that are fully engaged with Rugby have increased dramatically. This is mostly triggered by the amazing performance of Japanese national team in 2015 England Rugby World Cup and the adoption of men‘s and women’s Rugby sevens as Olympics events from 2016 Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro.

Furthermore, in 2019 the Rugby World Cup will be held in Japan and Tokyo Olympics will be held in the next year, 2020. That means 2 of top 3 sports events in the world will be held in Japan=Asia. This is a good chance for Asians to realize the value of Rugby and to make Rugby in Asia more popular in the future.

We believe that Rugby can enhance and strengthen the corporate brands of companies rooted in Asia. There are some possibilities and chances to invest in Rugby value.


Naoki Maeda Director Japan Rugby Football Union
Makoto Nishiki Executive Committee Member Asia Rugby

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