Stephen Connor

Stephen Connor is the Managing Director of Volvo Car Australia, the local arm of a global auto business that has made safety, sustainability, and environmental care its core focus. He has more than 30 years’ experience in the global automotive industry and is overseeing Volvo’s ambitious transformation locally into a fully electric car company by 2025 , albeit the global ambition is 2030, and one that is climate neutral by 2040. Since joining Volvo in 2017, Stephen’s natural and hands-on leadership style has turned the company into Australia’s fastest growing luxury car brand. He has also proactively supported the Volvo Living Seawall project, which is improving biodiversity and water quality in Sydney Harbour, and the Volvo Ocean Lovers Festival, a major event that educates and entertains the public about sustainability and the ocean. Stephen lives in Sydney with his wife and daughter.
Company Purpose: Freedom to move in a personal, sustainable, and safe way.