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Augmented reality is transforming how consumers shop by creating new customer-first digital experiences. Through augmented reality, consumers can now discover, try on and buy clothes, accessories, beauty products and preview home goods, all in the comfort of their own space.

Join Snapchat as it speaks with marketers already using AR try-on technology within their retail marketing strategy and gets acquainted with the tech that’s giving consumers a new way to look at their next purchase.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Understand how consumers are using AR within the purchase journey.
  2. Hear first hand how marketers are using AR within their retail strategies today.
  3. Get familiar with augmented reality 'try on' capabilities.

Presented with


Matt Coote Head of ANZ Enterprise Business Solutions Snap Inc.
Joanna Baxter Head of Marketing Communications – MX Samsung Electronics Australia
Georgie Abay Head of Marketing Campaigns, Operations & Content Mecca

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