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Leadership looks a lot different now from even a decade ago — empathy, resilience and humility have replaced the strongarm approaches as workforces demand more from their executive teams. It’s one reason we’re finally seeing so many more women elevated to top spots at some of our most important companies and institutions.

Join Yahoo’s VP, Head of Global Revenue and Client Solutions, Elizabeth Herbst-Brady and a panel of leading female executives for this practical session looking at the lessons they’re passing on to anyone aspiring to further their careers.

We’ll explore what they learned from the mistakes they made early in their career and how recent events and continued uncertainty are shaping the way they approach their jobs, and how they balance having a life outside of the boardroom.

These are lessons from women who’ve worked their way to the top and are applicable to anyone with aspirations to join them there.
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What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Learn the traits that make a great future leader.
  2. Understand how to avoid common pitfalls to boost your career trajectory.
  3. Get practical insights in the ways progressive businesses are organising themselves for the future.

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Elizabeth Herbst-Brady VP, Head of Global Revenue and Client Solutions Yahoo
Lara Thom Global Chief Marketing Officer Guzman y Gomez Mexican Kitchen
Vinne Schifferstein Managing Director MediaMonks
Andrea Martens CEO ADMA

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