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We may be experiencing the second golden age of television, but advertisers are still struggling to measure the impact of their campaign’s reach and delivery across screens, including the biggest screen at home — the TV.

In this session, learn how advertisers leveraged technology and ACR data to optimise their total TV strategy, which led to better audience targeting, improved campaign outcomes and cost efficiencies.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. What ’total TV’ actually means to consumers.
  2. The different roles each party (brand, agency, technology) plays in connecting audiences.
  3. How advertisers can leverage these insights to understand and action their total TV strategy.

Presented with


Matt Scheckner Chairman & Co-Founder Advertising Week
Laura Wall Head of Agency Development Samsung Ads
Mike Deane Chief Media Officer CHEP Network
Adam Hunt Sr. Director, Business Development and Partnerships Amobee

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Event Type Session

Track  AdTech and Insight