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The fixation with six-second video is permeating the digital media ecosystem, leaving brand marketers, agencies, publishers and content creators alike vulnerable to the bandwagon of the industry’s newest shiny toy on the shelf. While overcoming users’ short attention spans is essential for marketers to succeed, is the six-second video the answer? Join leaders in video advertising to discuss this latest trend, share tips to deliver brand engagement, and uncover what drives real success.

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  1. Discover how to use video to drive success for your respective KPIs.
  2. Learn how to incorporate creativity effectively in your digital video campaigns.
  3. Learn how to drive engagement with loyal audiences through powerful video content.

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Tanya Dua Senior Advertising Reporter Business Insider
Rachel Bien SVP, Strategy Blue 449 USA
Stacy Minero Head of Content Creation Twitter
Adam Singolda Founder and CEO Taboola
Kaitlin McGirl Creative Strategy Lead Snap

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