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Driven by advertiser demand for greater accountability and precision, the TV industry's march towards automation is intensifying. Without it, viewers will continue to migrate away from traditional television in favor of mediums that can deliver advertising with relevant messaging and intelligent frequency. Join us as we discuss how the possibilities of advanced TV, efficiency of automation, and power of data is enabling a modern and bright future for TV advertising.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Utilize existing data to create more personalized ad experiences
  2. Automate most of the TV ad planning, buying, and measurement cycle
  3. Count on TV advertising to outpace the effectiveness of most other paid media

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Todd Gordon Director, Adobe Advertising Cloud TV Adobe
David Cohen President, North America Magna
Peter Naylor SVP & Head of Advertising Sales Hulu
Martin Blich Managing Partner, Director of Implementation MediaCom
Jeanine Poggi Media Reporter Advertising Age

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