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The living room is changing with a huge increase in connected TV (CTV) devices and experiences – currently 56% of the U.S. population is a connected TV user and that’s expected to grow through 2020. Over the course of the next several years, TV will become increasingly digital, with CTV media platforms leading the charge.

As the number of consumers watching premium, long-form video content on a TV screen increases, there are a wide range of possibilities for advertisers and marketers to connect in new and increasingly interactive formats. CTV advertising is reaching its full potential as a way for marketers to reach consumers at scale and with digital precision, in premium TV-like environments.

Learn from video experts, platforms and brands on how best to navigate the new living room -- from sound quality, to storyline, call to action, measurement and analysis – and trying to design ads for the big screen. Data collection and analysis will be critical to ensuring marketers are leveraging the power of CTV advertising effectively to drive customer engagement and ROI.

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  1. Best practices for storytelling, integrating interactivity, measurement and monetization on CTV
  2. Implementation of new technologies, such as dynamic ad insertion on live Internet TV, and examples of companies who are doing it well
  3. Case studies of brands that are seeing success with engagement and sales lift from Connected TV advertising

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Ed Davis EVP & Chief Product Officer Advertising Products Fox Networks Group
Tal Chalozin CTO & Co-Founder Innovid
Seth Walters VP, Demand Roku
Garrett Winkler Media Director, Connected TV Lead Modi

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