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In an intent-driven world, the opportunity for marketers to lead growth for business has never been greater. Join us for a discussion on how intent is redefining the traditional funnel, the new shapes of today's dynamic consumer journeys, and the new formula for success.

We’ll explore attainable steps for marketers to better assist customers throughout the journey to drive superior business outcomes. View Less

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  1. Focus on business outcomes. To assist customers along the journey, you can’t plan with fragmented budgets and proxy media metrics. Learn how leading marketers are optimizing media towards outcomes that grow their business.
  2. Stop marketing to the average. Marketing leaders recognize the problem of marketing to the average. Learn how to drive far more growth by understanding the value of your most important customers and being willing to pay more for them.
  3. The first two shifts enable you to automate everything. Learn why leading marketers are almost twice as likely as mainstream business to agree that their organization is already investing in automation and machine learning to drive marketing goals.

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Allan Thygesen President, Americas Google
Kristin Lemkau CMO JPMorgan Chase

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