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Creative Spirit leaders share insights from year one of this highly successful inclusion program. Creative Spirit provides the opportunity for individuals with learning, intellectual and developmental disabilities to work at the best companies in the world. From MRM|McCann to A&E Networks to Voya to Verizon to OMD, employers and employees from around the industry and around the globe talk about their extraordinary experiences.Come and discuss the future of hiring directly with candidates and corporate leaders we admire.

Creativity, productivity and culture can be forever changed by adding different kinds of thinkers to your organization. Creative Spirit can shepherd your organization through the once complex, now satisfying, process of hiring those with intellectual disabilities. The results are nothing short of extraordinary. Eighty-five percent of those with intellectual and developmental disabilities are unemployed despite the fact that they are some of the most talented in many areas. Come learn more from employers, employees and advocates. View Less

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  1. Organizations truly devoted to diversity cannot overlook the extraordinary contributions of those with disabilities.
  2. The road to creative superiority is hiring neurodiverse thinkers
  3. Those with intellectual disabilities can be successfully placed in creative and tech companies successfully through professional programs like the one created by Creative Spirit
  4. Any truly creative thinker devoted to disruption as a way forward
  5. D&I Executives seeking new employees

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Laurel Rossi CMO, OMD Co Founder Creative Spirit
Joanna McElnea Photographer, Marketing Manager Creative Spirit
Gianna Morello Student, Intern Creative Spirit
Terry Ebert Director Candidate Services and Candidate Resources Creative Spirit
Christopher Martin Manager MRM|McCann, Creative Spirit

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