Forsman & Bodenfors NY / Seagram’s 7 #KeepTheDiveAlive: Is It OK to Be Funny?

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Interview with Matt Scheckner, Chairman, Advertising Week

#KeepTheDiveAlive, a summer 2021 campaign by Forsman & Bodenfors NY for Diageo’s venerable brand Seagram’s 7 Crown, reintroduced regulars to their favorite local dive bars using a Netflix star and satiric humor. The key question facing the brand and agency: How would it play during a pandemic? Forsman & Bodenfors’ Co-Head of Creative Matt Creamer and Gustavo Salguero, Senior Brand Manager at Diageo North America, will reveal the strategy, execution and challenges behind #KeepTheDiveAlive.
Gustavo Salguero Senior Brand Manager, Irish and North American Whiskeys
Diageo North America
Matt Creamer Co-Head of Creative
Forsman & Bodenfors NY

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