Live From Advertising Week

Join our host in a look ahead at the day, a reflection on the show so far and what's going on across the stages at Advertising Week in Hudson Yards.

Future Finders: Interview with Verishop's Imran Khan

Interview with Imran Khan, The CEO of VeriShop.

Movement Culture

Join Kristin Sudeikis, CEO and founder of FORWARD__Space, for a discussion on creating MOVEMENT CULTURE. Discover how the movement of the mind, cells, body, one’s daily decisions and more leads to a clearer understanding of oneself, one’s leadership and personal / collective transformation and enhanced wellbeing.

Food E-Commerce: Remapping the Customer Journey

What will the digital consumer experience look like over the next decade and beyond? Join Michael and Jay as they explore how the digital age will shape how, where and when we shop.

Masculinity in the Workplace

Why is it important to talk about masculinity in the context of the workplace? How do traditional views of masculinity influence leadership norms and organizational culture? Join us as we discuss this critical piece of the equity and inclusion puzzle.

Future Finders: The Future of Campaign Measurement with Laura Manning

Lucid’s Laura Manning weights in on the Future of Campaign Measurement.

Welcome To The New Creator Economy

Advertising Week's Global CEO Matt Scheckner and UTA Marketing's Co-Heads David Anderson and Julian Jacobs provide an overview of the day's programming.

Modern Art in the Digital World

New York City based artist and content creator Devon Rodriguez joins UTA's Director of Fine Arts Zuzanna Ciolek to discuss how Devon's everyday sketches of New York City subway riders resulted in a massive TikTok following and viral success, leading to discourse around the connectivity of modern art in the digital world.

Direct to Consumer reframed as Designed to Connect

This period in time has shown that more people are becoming connected to themselves, to the world and we are not just thumbing through life afterall. The fragility of connection was proven as the world shut down in just 5 weeks in 2020 and everything we have learnt is up for grabs and brought its extremes. People have an opportunity to live differently, work differently, love differently and many are taking it. However, brands are confused. It feels like a lot has changed and nothing has...
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