Living the Exceptional with Soul: Imagining the Future with Jaguar Land Rover

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Transformation is afoot in the Midlands, building luxury, brands and a new purpose. In 2022 Benjamin Moncrieffe was appointed to bring the Future into the iconic car manufacturer. What does it hold? -Why foresight, why now -Making Modern Luxury isn’t easy – learnings so far? -Partnership moves and what that really means at JLR -The new ‘Creator’s Code’ – what does it promise? Meabh Quoirin, CEO at Foresight Factory, and Benjamin Moncrieffe, Head of Strategic Foresight at Jaguar Land Rover, will discuss the dawn of Modern Luxury and all that it means for modern brands and modern customers.
Benjamin Moncrieffe Head of Strategic Foresight
Jaguar Land Rover
Meabh Quoirin CEO and Co-Owner
Foresight Factory