Sonic Science 2.0: An Exploration of Audio’s Impact on the Body

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Have you ever wondered what happens to you physically when you listen to digital audio? Music and podcasts can make you laugh, and they can make you cry, but did you know they can also increase brand recall and the likelihood of product purchases? Spotify wanted to learn more about these reactions which is why it began its Sonic Science research franchise in 2021. Spotify recently released its second volume: Sonic Science 2.0. Spotify partnered with biometrics research company MindProber on a groundbreaking study measuring the electrodermal activity of Spotify users in the U.S. and U.K. In this session, Spotify will share insights around the physiological impact of sound and tips on how marketers can tap into the unique value of music and podcast audio to effectively reach their consumers.
Rak Patel Head of Sales, EMEA
Riyadh Khalaf Amazon Ads Studio Host, TV Presenter and Content Creator

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