Purpose and Simplicity With Siegel + Gale's Head Of Insights, Ben Osborne

Join Siegel + Gale's head of insights Ben Osborne as he talks through the burning issues in the industry today. Why is brand purpose meaningful and how can companies adopt simplicity to become more successful?

Looking To the Future: People, Profit, Planet

Reflection of the key themes of the day and a look towards the future of people, wellbeing and performance. The conversation will be guided by the work Let's Reset are doing to put energy and wellbeing at the heart of performance across all industries to equip people with the tools to thrive and we will encourage open conversation, debate and discussion from the audience to learn from one another to work together to solve the question "What next?"

Why purpose doesn't matter. How to lead with the cool and bake in the good.

The ethical elements of a product or service are rarely the only drivers behind people’s decision-making, in fact they’re more likely to be the justification. Let's be honest, as fantastic as Patagonia's social values are, they wouldn't sell half as many backpacks if their stuff wasn't top quality, and cool. Based on her own experience, in this workshop founder of ethical ad platform Good-Loop (and one of the Forbes 30 Under 30 cohort) Amy Williams will explore how profit and purpose can...

A Guide to Cultural Strategy: How to Avoid being “Cancelled”

A brand’s cultural involvement makes up a full 25 percent of a consumer’s purchase decision, so when developing new creatives or campaigns, the worst result from the work you’ve put in is backlash, negative global outcry' and being 'cancelled' by culture. This workshop will help refine your approach to creating frameworks that are in tune with consumers targeted and, more importantly, resonate with communities.

Creativity in a Time of Crisis

The most successful brands are those that adapt their communications through a brand purpose lens, especially during times of duress. In this session led by Droga5, leaders from JPMorgan Chase and Facebook will share how they used real-time responsive thinking to help their brands navigate through the uncharted territory of COVID-19.

National Geographic: Delivering purpose driven storytelling

It is well documented that consumers are increasingly buying into brands that stand for more than just profit gains and that brands with an authentic, well communicated purpose consistently outperform others. The rise in ‘belief buying’ is a real consumer trend as is the expectation that brands have the opportunity to be a real force for good in the world. Clearly communicating your company’s efforts is more important than ever. In this session, National Geographic shares insights from the...

From Moment to Movement: Making D&I a Company Imperative

Recent world events have demanded that brands embrace brand purpose and not only talk the talk, but also walk the walk. Fortunately, today’s marketer, given her customer centric role, holds an unprecedented opportunity to influence both the innovation and culture agenda for her company. In this session, Wangui McKelvey, VP and CMO, Open Cloud Technology, Applications and Ecosystems, will host an intimate and important conversation with senior IBM leadership

Marketing On Purpose

Purpose has become a defining strategy for marketers in 2020, evolving from a trend to a necessity for brands in a fractured social and economic climate. With this comes both challenge and opportunity for marketers trying to balance the responsibilities of driving purchase and creating real value for consumers.

The Story of Impossible Foods

Impossible Foods Chief Communications Officer, Rachel Konrad will share the story of Impossible Foods and their purpose filled mission, major brand partnerships, and the future of the plant-based foods industry.

2020: The wake-up call to purpose in advertising

For many individuals and companies, 2020 has been the year to focus on purpose more seriously in their day-to-day operations. However, there are key leaders who have been preparing for a shift and laying the groundwork of purpose long before the pandemic and push for social justice reform. Sit down with these leaders to learn more about the tools and programs they have developed to help diversify workforces, provide a platform to bring thought leaders together and boost culture with turnkey...

How Purpose-Infused Company Cultures Drive B2B Business Growth in a Transparent World

B2B companies are becoming the new purpose leaders. They understand the power of embedding purpose in their organizations’ culture, behaviors, and operations to grow business and brand, drive employee engagement and recruiting, inspire innovation and increase overall personal and professional satisfaction. Join two global B2B purpose leaders—Tata Consultancy Services and Lineage Logistics—in a dynamic panel moderated by Carol Cone, CEO of Carol Cone ON PURPOSE. Cone will explore the...

Changing the Narrative Around Racial Injustice

While systemic racism and inequity have persisted for generations, there’s new cultural momentum and urgency behind brands speaking out on race and prejudice. According to the Edelman Trust Barometer, 60% of Americans said they want brands to speak out against racially motivated attacks against Black Americans. With hate crimes on the rise among Black and Asian communities in the U.S., what is the role of the creative industry in changing the narrative and sparking meaningful action around...
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