New York 2019


Meet the Sober Curious: Bursting the alcohol industry bubble

Gen Z and Millennials are drinking less than ever - enter the Sober Curious movement. Behind this buzz phrase is a rapidly changing consumer landscape that’s disrupting the alcohol and beverage industries. The market for low to zero-alcohol beverages is expected to grow by 32% by 2022 and brands have taken note. This panel will lift the veil on this elusive, exploding audience, explore how brands are adapting their marketing strategy and offerings and provide insights on how to authentically...

The Transparency Game: The Problems, Fall Outs & Solutions for AdTech

The issue of transparency has been a complicated one for decades on our industry. it covers the spectrum of issues from placement to platform fees to partnerships. in this session we will uncover how we got to this point and what the ultimate solution is to operate fair and open marketplaces for publishers, advertisers and ultimately consumers.

Creative Problem Solving SHOULD Scare You, And That’s Okay.

Catching the attention of consumers in 2019--with people racking up an average of 11 hours of screen time a day--is no easy feat. To break through the noise and leave an impact, brands are constantly galvanized to break the mold of existing advertising and marketing paradigms and discover, fresh innovative storytelling methods. A panel of brand marketing experts will discuss how leaning into the discomfort of creative problem solving can spark innovation and ultimately lead to...

Integrated Marketing: How Better Alignment Frees Up Time For Creativity & Strategy

Marketing is going through a dramatic shift - more complexity, more channels, more content, more budget and more accountability. The shifts have complicated the user journey and raised the bar for marketers to deliver exceptional and cohesive content experiences across all channels. Similarly, an explosion of martech tools has resulted in a myriad of software solutions for marketers. What hasn’t changed is the need for marketing organizations to work as a team towards this higher standard for...

Gen Z and Brands: What You Need to Know about Engaging Preteen Gamers

Games like Fortnite and Minecraft have become some of the world’s top entertainment IPs thanks to their popularity among Preteen gamers. Successful brands are also taking note of the important role games play in the lives of Preteens. Non-gaming brands including the NFL, Nike and Marvel have all made appearances in Fortnite. The unprecedented rise of Fortnite points to the opportunities that exist for publishers and brands that successfully appeal to this group of players.

Backstage with Trevor Noah + Jeremi Gorman: Creativity and the Mobile Generation

Trevor Noah knows his audience — the emerging generation of mobile-first consumers, voters, and decision-makers. As the host of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show, Noah appears on television, as well as Snapchat Discover in a made-for-mobile show geared especially towards Snapchat’s 200+ million daily users. Speaking with Jeremi Gorman, Snap’s Chief Business Officer, she and Noah take us behind the curtain to discuss his creative process and how he’s engaged a generation of young viewers through...

Inside The Great Hack

The Great Hack Netflix documentary lifted the curtain on our vulnerability and how public opinion and the very foundation of our democracy is being manipulated and shaken to the core. Jeff Goodby, Academy Award nominated and Emmy Award winning directors Karim Amer and Jehane Noujaim, Emmy Award winning producer Geralyn Dreyfous, joined by Brittany Kaiser, a former Cambridge Analytica employee and whistleblower featured in the film, go deep inside the complex issues of data, privacy and...

The Future of Work - Make Sure You're Part of It

The future of work is being shaped by two core forces: automation of tasks and new types of flexible working. How we do our jobs has changed and both workplaces and employees need to adapt. What will be the future of work for marketers and agencies? We take an in-depth look at how the new work landscape will unfold. A panel of experts discusses what new jobs are likely to arise in the advertising and marketing industry. How will marketing teams be structured in future? How will flexible...

A Better Way to Buy, Sell and Measure Data-Driven TV

TV advertising is the most powerful way for marketers to reach a wide audience, but it has lacked the ability to deliver people-based addressability and measurement across channels. By combining the reach and scale of TV with the outcome-driven capabilities marketers require, brands and agencies can now better coordinate the customer journey, deliver more relevant messaging, and tie TV campaigns to measurable ROI. John will share how to power experiences that map back to business outcomes...

Save the Planet and Win a Grand Prix

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) initiative and 2019 Cannes Lions Grand Prix winner - The Lion’s Share - provides a mechanism for brands to save nature and support local communities each time an animal image is used in an ad. By donating 0.5% of media spend on ads with animals to The Lion’s Share, brands can make a significant contribution.

Raising the New Gen: A Frank Conversation Between a Mentor and His Mentees

It only takes one person to change your career. One person to support you, endorse you, believe in you and ultimately propel you forward. TBWA\Chiat\Day CCO Chris Beresford-Hill has been this person for two young creatives, and while they openly speak about the impact he’s had on their careers, it hasn’t always been easy. Join us as Campaign's Lindsay Stein moderates a conversation between Beresford-Hill and Avi Steinbach and Laura Vancil, as they explore the role of a professional mentor...

Flipping the Script: The Rise of Shape-Shifting Experience Platforms

Retail brands the world over are reinventing what it looks like to shop, far beyond the much-discussed physical and digital divide. From big box to burgeoning D2C brands, retailers who are thriving in the e-commerce age are building strong communities and imaginative experiences across customer touch points. Join SHOWFIELDS' Katie Hunt and VMLY&R's Charlie Wade as they explore the strategies that today's top marketers are using to flip the script on retail.
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