Seeing Your Customer in 3-D: A MUST For Any Media Strategy

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3-D data (that all-important mix of Set-Top Box, IP, and 1st or 3rd-party data) has quickly established itself as a media-planning must-have, and for good reason. The proliferation of new touch points has put tremendous power behind campaigns – evidenced by the precision with which today’s audiences can be targeted. And as consumers connect themselves to more devices and platforms than ever before—and connected TV continues to blur the lines between digital and television—the number of data points at our disposal seems to grow by the day. This panel would highlight how (and why) brands need to obtain a three-dimensional view of a target audience and how, by having deeper insights into their habits and likes, they can predict customer behavior with greater accuracy and ultimately power more effective campaigns.
Betsy Rella VP Data & Research
New York Interconnect
Parker Burgess Head of Client Strategy & Insights
Bryson Gordon Executive Vice President, Advanced Advertising
Justin Evans Global Head of Analytics & Insights
Samsung Ads
Andrea Zapata VP Data Innovation & Insights
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