New York 2018


Incrementality and Market Effectiveness

As consumer behavior continuously evolves and the media landscape is increasingly fragmented, understanding effectiveness has become the highest priority for marketers. The key to unlocking the secrets of effectiveness is measurement. This panel of leading measurement experts will explore how they have embraced a culture of learning and through the use of incrementality measurement unlocked growth across their businesses.

Transforming Brands Through Storytelling

Marketers are relying more on data-driven strategies and risk losing sight of their brand’s narrative. This session will explore the impact of storytelling and share the keys to creating a memorable, authentic brand story that drives growth and loyalty for years to come. OneMain Financial CMO, Kim Wijkstrom, will reveal how embracing storytelling to launch his company’s first brand campaign in its 100-year history has impacted its brand perception. What You'll Learn from This Session... How...

In-App Advertising

Evolving to meet the needs of a new generation

Great Minds Think Unalike

The Academy Award-winning actress Emma Stone and leading child and adolescent psychiatrist Dr. Harold S. Koplewicz explore the connection between creativity and anxiety and discuss the importance of being open about mental health issues.
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