LATAM 2020


How Culture Shapes Advertising

Living in a hyper fragmented media world, marketers and advertisers are always in search of ways to connect, engage and influence an audience that no longer consumes brands without a clear social purpose. Meet the minds of those who understood how culture shapes advertising though movements that transcend sales.

The OOH Revolution: Programmatic & Measurement Technology

An overview of the programmatic out of home industry, the challenges in Latam to evolve the market, and the key technologies to create pDOOH campaigns. Plus, an introduction to OHHTV, the first all-in-one pDOOH platform, which deliver advertisers all the tools and data to onboard into the OOH revolution.

Today’s Brands Need to Do More to Break Through and Build Relevance

There is a new imperative today for brands to achieve their business outcomes: they need to do more to break through and build relevance in order to stay top of mind with customers. Whether your brand is launching something new or joining the conversation, they need to connect with the people at the center of these conversations. Top brands as McDonald’s and Tecate will join the session in a fireside chat to talk about their experience on how to shape culture and break through the clutter.

The Moment of Audio

We will begin the session by giving a brief introduction to audio, emphasizing its importance today, audio trends and the times when the audience is most engaged to Spotify. We will also explain the impact and growth of podcasts. After that we will have a panel moderated by the Head of Sales of Mexico - Diana Ramírez, where in the company of a podcaster and a brand, we will talk about audio consumption.

Marketplaces: Where Mindset Matters the Most

Brands are facing the great challenge of being relevant in a context where there is more competition and demands in the audience. The importance of search in digital shelf and brand building in e-commerce are some of the main topics that marketers are talking about and working on. Marketplaces are building their own reputation as new media players for both branding and performance strategies. Why marketplaces are a must win channel for your brand? Let's listen to Motorola's Case Study

Total Audience: Global Trend

Global overview on TOTAL AUDIENCE measurement; what challenges the industry faces, how it is being carried out from the perspective of research, brands and media and communication platforms; which indicators are essential in the homologation of universes; what metrics are required for this new trend.

Brand Values: We Are The Choices We Make

Nespresso is more than a good cup of coffee: it's the constant search of excellence and bold decisions that have been taken for over more than 30 years. When your brand values are set, how can you take advantage of them to engage with your audience? Hear from Stéphanie Corno-Bal, Head of Marketing of Nespresso Mexico, on how sustaintability could help you lead the way.

Digital influence: The Next Big Challenge

Discover what are the new and current centers of gravity where audiences are connected in a digital conversation and turn your brand into an epicenter of them, their interests, ideals and motivations. The challenges of the brand's narrative architects focus on the relevance of the content and the timing.

Conscious Advertising: Generation Z’s New CTA

As future generations demand shorter content, and are becoming increasingly less tolerant and more reactive to advertising; brands have great growth potential, but also great challenges. Join DynAdmic and industry leaders in an exclusive presentation and panel on how to create value for Generation Z through conscious advertising.

Harnessing the Power of Change: How to Navigate Cookies, Context, and the Attention Economy

Most marketers agree that a data-driven approach to digital is essential for effective brand building. Yet as we start the new decade, there are more daunting challenges facing digital marketers: the future of the cookie, an increasingly fragmented media landscape, and emerging privacy legislation - just to name a few. Join Moat by Oracle Data Cloud for a candid discussion about overcoming these challenges, as well as demonstrations of best practices for harnessing the power of data in 2020...

Branding & Performance Strategies: From Reaching an Audience to Reaching a Buyer

“Consumers have changed”: one of the most used phrase in the last century. But is technology what has changed the way people relate and buy. In this context, marketplaces begin to gain more prominence as the one stop shop destination chosen by consumers that are in a purchasing mindset. First Party Data to build Consumer Insights, Brand Lift studies and Performance based on sales, not just clicks : what all brands want but not all media players can provide. Find out why marketplaces are...

Content That Drives Real World Action

Content creation and consumption is at all time high, so how can publishers and marketers break through? Join BuzzFeed’s Senior Vice President of Global Content, Rich Reid to learn how BuzzFeed is going beyond just reach to cultivate a true connection with audiences and drive real world action with consumers.
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