LATAM 2020


Brand Purpose & Cause-Driven Marketing: Finding Meaning in Messaging

The mindset of the consumer has evolved. Today, brands are more likely to make a sale if they have a mission that aligns with that of the customer. Companies are responding to this shift by creating campaigns where purpose meets profit, and are injecting themselves into today’s most important cultural conversations. This panel will explore how brands determine the issues that are meaningful to them, and the ways in which they are acting on those decisions.

Sports Marketing & Global Expansion

As leagues continue to expand both within their home markets, and globally, understanding audiences and constantly improving the fan experience – both on screen and in person, are a top priority. This panel of industry experts will discuss the strategies of sports marketing that are keeping things fresh and continuing to bring new audiences to the screens and in the stadiums.

Out Of Home TV Introducing: Cost Per Eye

We will uncover OOHTV! All the details of our technology, content strategy and business model. The audience will be able to create their first campaign in OOHTV with advanced targeting. With full understanding of the CPO model to create effective OOH strategies.

Staying Human in the Age of Data

As today’s companies race to compete with and on data, algorithms and AI, Rishad Tobaccowala warns they risk losing touch with something far more valuable: what’s human. In his recently published book, Restoring the Soul of Business: Staying Human in the Age of Data, he makes a persuasive defense that people, emotions and culture — the soul of a company — are the most powerful and innovative tools for winning in the digital age.

Intentional Experimentation

Exploring creativity in the mobile era: the powerful outcome when people-first ideas, intentional experimentation and original content are combined, in collaboration with a diverse creative ecosystem.

The Soulful Art of Persuasion: How to Create a Brand People Believe In

In an age of pervasive social media, where motivations are always suspect and facts collide, the ability for marketers to build trust with their audience has never been more challenging yet more important.

¿Qué pasa em LATAM?" - Deep diving into Latin America's main consumer trends.

Urbanization, smaller families, increased life expectancy, democracy and online connection. The last 50 years were extremely intense in Latin America. And now, we’re living on exciting times in which gender equality, mobile connection and social platforms are changing the way people think, buy and consume media in region. Meet the Always-on Consumers, understand why LATAM Leapfroggers boost the adoption of new technologies and discover how Undecipherable Consumers challenging the traditional...

#BuzzFeedTalks TRENDING NOW: Truth and Joy

With so many ways to reach consumers, what’s the best way to communicate your message? Join BuzzFeed, ABI, Coca Cola and Unilever for a discussion on why crafting the perfect messaging is crucial. Learn how brands are connecting and staying relevant with younger audiences in an ever-changing environment.

Converging Screens - Connecting With Key Cultural Moments.

The content race is about who gets the attention, which is measured by how relevant you are. This relevance is built on how to connect with the cultural moments as they occur. Shows and brands are connecting with these moments that shape culture. Where are these relevant audiences engaging? We will listen to the experience and vision of the next years of top media partners on how they have been preparing themselves in this content race. And how these converging screens had made content more...

Introducing Alternative IDs for a Cookieless Internet

The coming death of third-party cookies has put the entire digital ecosystem on alert and is opening the doors to a new era: the internet of trust. Guided by Daniel Czaplinski, CEO and Co-Founder of Retargetly, in this session we will learn how to reach the promise of marketing 1:1 at scale, to establish trust-based relationships between users, brands and media; and to ensure that privacy is at the core of each action in a cookieless world. At the end of the session join us in a panel next to...

The State of News: Views From the Frontlines

A conversation with the global press on their relationship with governments, businesses, and the public – along with perceptions of trust in the age of fake news; the safety of journalists globally; and predictions on where the industry is heading next.

The Principles of Growth in B2B Marketing

B2B marketers must balance long-term brand building with short-term sales activation. Learn strategies for growth in this new research from experts Les Binet and Peter Field.
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