Chipotle + TSM = A Winning Combination (In More Ways Than One)

Join Chipotle CMO Chris Brandt and TSM (Team SoloMid) CRO Brad Sive for a fireside chat. The two will discuss how Chipotle initially partnered with TSM to organically integrate into the gaming/pop culture by way of TSM's Fortnite team and high profile influencers. The year following, TSM partnered again with Chipotle on an overall brand campaign that seamlessly aligned gaming, esports, and pop culture with Chipotle's unique brand message.

Gamers are Losers - Twitch Dispels This and Other Gaming Myths

Despite its massive growth in recent years, the video game industry is one that still intimidates many marketers who want to ‘get into’ gaming. At first glance, gamers are a niche target audience, focused solely on their passion for video games. Join Twitch as we take you inside the world of gaming, where the lines between pop culture and video games have become increasingly blurred. We’ll debunk some of the most common misconceptions that marketers have about gamers and help you better...

Twitch Esport Summit

With viewership and popularity soaring to record-breaking heights, esports is capturing the attention of global brands interested in reaching Millennials and GenZ – a new generation of consumers who are increasingly hard to reach. Katrina Palanca, Director of Sponsorship Operations at Twitch, sits down with Steve Arhancet, Co-CEO and Owner of Team Liquid, to discuss how brands can seize the opportunity to connect with a massive esports audience, what fans expect from sponsors and why esports...

Could the Future of Advertising Be Inspired By Game Design?

With the rapid advancement of technologies, the lines between the physical and digital worlds have blurred. The marketer is now tasked with building comprehensive, connected brand experiences—in short, designing worlds. That's something game designers have long done, with massive commercial success, imagining experiences, encounters, emotions, progress and rewards.

Global Keynote Series: Live and Interactive - The Future of Advertising

You have heard that today's young, sought-after audiences enjoy watching their favorite online personalities play video games, make art, or simply talk, sometimes spending just as much as time as they do watching their favorite TV shows and movies. Why do youth watch people play video games or perform hobbies? How can advertisers learn from these behaviors and design campaigns that most effectively reach this audience? Learn the answer from Kevin Lin, Co-Founder of Twitch, the world's...

Gaming The System: Exclusive Research Launch From The Worlds Largest Social-First Gaming Community

Gaming remains one of the most active verticals on social media but many brands still struggle to assimilate with gaming communities. Campaigns targeting gamers are often ignored or mocked for their inauthenticity, outdated cultural references and misjudged tone of voice. So how do can brands be a part of the gaming conversation on social media?

The New Entertainment Game

A thought provoking debate with industry insiders. Mobile games are upending the entertainment paradigm by introducing new audiences to the scene and creating immersive experiences that are primed for advertisers. Are you prepared to keep up? Featuring Activision Blizzard Media, Spark Foundry, Warner Bros and OMG Media.

Unlocking the Power of Mobile Gamers

The number of gamers has surpassed 2 billion globally. Games are the third most popular mobile app category among consumers, but advertising spend in the space has been slow to follow. In this insightful lesson, Acitivision Blizzard Media and Newzoo uncover fresh research about the purchasing power of mobile gamers and the implications for brands.

Riot Games: Building Successful Partnerships in Esports

Naz Aletaha, Head of Esports Global Business Development at Riot Games shares insights from her experience in building premiere esports partnerships for the world’s most viewed esport. Riot Games is the owner and operator of League of Legends, whose 2018 World Championship saw 99.6M unique viewers tune in to the final match. Having recently announced partnerships with Mastercard & Dell Alienware, Naz speaks about the growing esports industry and what it takes to create successful brand...
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