The Move Toward User Privacy & The Growing Responsibility of Consumer Education

Join Mike Shields, Next in Marketing podcast Host and former Wall Street Journal, Business Insider, AdWeek and Digiday Editor and Brian Quinn, AppsFlyer’s US President and General Manager for a fireside chat that dives into the ecosystem’s pivotal privacy updates, including Apple’s IDFA opt-out and the impact of iOS 14 to measurement and attribution. This conversation will also touch on the growing responsibility of brands and advertisers to educate consumers, so that they are able to balance...

Quantcast Keynote: A Rallying Cry for the Open Internet

The internet’s original sin was allowing users to believe that that content is free, when good content - that informs, entertains and connects us - is generally very expensive to create and is mostly supported by the ad-funded economic model. The advertising technology produced to support this system has undergone many shifts – and now must quickly evolve again to survive. Join Konrad Feldman, founder and CEO at Quantcast, as he discusses: *Consent *Identity *Data-driven audiences...

Quantcast: Audience Insights that Power Marketing Strategy

Are you struggling to expand your customer base and find new audiences? How are you getting the most up-to-date insights to keep up with rapidly shifting consumer behavior? Join Dr. Peter Day, Chief Technology Officer at Quantcast, as he explores how you can harness the power of audience behavior to get a live view of your own current and prospective customers. This will include a live demo of Quantcast’s behavior graph and Audience Planner for planning & activation. TAKEAWAY: * Machine...

Film: How Data-Infused Storytelling is Helping the UN Tackle Global Goals

Brands play a unique role in building a more equitable, sustainable, and inclusive society, because the stories they tell -- now, more than ever -- can accelerate progress and drive real change. And creativity, now more than ever, is key to telling stories that resonate and drive change.

Customer Experience Transformation in the Age of Change

From the impending death of the third-party cookie to the uptick in privacy regulations to the changes in consumer behavior caused by the global pandemic, marketers today are being forced to adapt to an increasingly challenging environment. ​ In this session, Craig Dempster will discuss how brands can embrace change and create opportunity by adopting a new paradigm, best represented by the equation: data transformation + digital transformation = customer experience transformation, where:

Unlocking Data for Better Outcomes in Health & Wellness

The data revolution is here and it is helping every industry take giant leaps forward in delivering better experiences and services particularly in healthcare. With more data than ever being collected and more people willing to share their data, this could potentially help provide unprecedented engagement and care, leading to better patient outcomes and lower health costs.

Dynamic by Default - The Workshop

Following our talk ‘Dynamic by Default’, this experiential workshop will showcase the power of personalisation through a live demo build of an audio and video ad, exploring the latest in dynamic, data-driven creativity.

Audience Buying is a Strategy, Addressable is a Tactic

Audiences and consumer behaviors are changing, in part, driving advertising and technology’s evolution. In this session, we’ll cover why moving towards standardizing impression-based currency is necessary to move TV advertising forward, and how to combine audience buying with addressable advertising most efficiently. We’ll also hear from leaders in the space on their best practices, what’s required of the industry, and their vision for the future of TV advertising.

Customer Data & the Future of Advertising

What skills and tools will you need to thrive in advertising’s next chapter? Join Kimberly-Clark Senior Director of Global Consumer Relationships and Engagement Josh Blacksmith and Salesforce SVP Martin Kihn as they present five real reasons to be optimistic about a future built on first-party data, gathered with consent, and a more secure, brand-safe digital environment. They address how to set yourself up for success today, and why we are at a pivotal moment when leading marketers can...

Great Minds Keynote: Why doing good is good for business: advertising in the Covid landscape and beyond

The impact of Covid on advertising and the economy has created a confusing landscape. We are facing one of the deepest recessions on record, online sales in some places have generated more than four years of growth in four months, and consumers continue to expect more from their brands. What can we learn from those best-performing sectors and how do values influence a company’s business strategy? Yonca Dervişoğlu, CMO of Google EMEA, and Mark Read, CEO of WPP, take the stage to discuss...

The Big Data Reset

The future of data-driven customer experience is uncertain. Not all consumers are on a journey towards a more open and expanded data economy. The pandemic has further polarised attitudes - with some consumers willing to accept the wider social benefits of altruistic data-sharing to combat the virus but others resisting due to a greater infringement on their privacy.

How BT Uses Data to Plan Away From the Average

BT has been on a huge journey of change over the last few years - right across the organisation, data and insight has become the backbone to decision making. But without careful planning, growth and availability of audience data can lead to the unthinking pursuit of the same strategies and tactics, with marketers looking at data in the same way, reaching the same conclusions, and as a result - being pushed closer towards average.
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