Sarah Zurell

Sarah Zurell is an LA-based branding and strategic partnerships executive with a wealth of hands-on experience in creating, managing, growing, and improving the profitability of companies with great success in building and scaling teams.

In 2021 Sarah joined forces with Eternal Fleur’s founder and CEO, Amanda Wojtas, a co-founder, to elevate, open new verticals, and operationalize the company. She came to Eternal Fleur with specific ideas for raising the company’s profile as an up-and-coming luxury flower company, driving sustainability within the floral industry, developing new strategic relationships, and innovative product and service offerings.

Before joining Eternal Fleur, Sarah exited Pavemint, a tech startup she Co-Founded. As Chief Brand Officer and Executive Vice President at Pavemint, she built an eco-conscious enterprise parking software and services platform connecting people looking for parking with residents and business owners with spaces to share.