Jake Webb

Jake Webb is an Entrepreneur, Producer, and the President/Co-Founder of Slash MGMT. He founded Slash in 2019 to help Creators build their own brand ecosystems and grow sustainable revenue through cultural impact.

He guided Nikita Dragun (14.3M) to launch her cosmetics brand Dragun Beauty in 2019 and then Executive Produced her docu-series for Snapchat, Nikita Unfiltered, which garnered over 20M
views in 2020. Some of his other standout clients include Pressley (7.3M), Dinah Jane (2.3M), Snitchery (3M) and more.

Jake has independently produced multiple films, TV pilots, live comedy events, music videos, and applies his traditional Hollywood skills to his clients’ strategies in the digital world, including the Spotify Original Podcast Internet Urban
Legends (Variety Top 10 New Podcast of 2021), Violating Community Guidelines (debuted at #3 on the Apple charts), and fan-favorite After the Island - which was fully incubated and produced in-house by Slash Studios.