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From the early days of content creation on YouTube and Instagram to Amazon Marketplace and TikTok, brand building is controlled by Creators now more than ever. Just how has that power impacted influencer and Creator deals and brand partnerships within the newly minted Creator Economy?

Join Creator Economy execs from Fanjoy, Slash MGMT and Reach Agency along with podcast host Loey Lane, as they discuss the beginning stages of their companies and provide a snapshot of the relationship between Creators and brands today.

Fanjoy is the #1 brand-building partner for the world’s most sought-after creators of influence, has given talent the ability to design their brands from scratch and connect with their audiences emotionally through personalized merchandise.

Slash MGMT, an innovator in the digital landscape with a talent network that has a reach of 302 million followers and fans, has launched breakthrough content on platforms like Tiktok, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat and Triller.

For over a decade Reach Agency has combined a love of advertising, expertise with influencers and passion for culture to help brands reach the people and places traditional agencies can’t. From on-screen, to in-feed, to live-streaming and everything in between, Reach has created a new type of agency made specifically for the social generation.

Loey Lane is the co-host of the podcast "Internet Urban Legends." View Less

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Best practices for fostering talent-driven brand-building.
  2. Best practices on creative collaboration with talent.
  3. How to increase visibility and organic engagement on social platforms.

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Chris Vaccarino Chief Executive Officer and Founder Fanjoy
Jake Webb President & Cofounder Slash MGMT
Loey Lane Independent Creator & Podcast Host
Gabe Gordon Co-founder and Managing Partner Reach Agency

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