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Join DoorDash in a discussion with Coca-Cola and Walgreens to hear how brands and advertisers are stocking digital shelves in today’s ever-evolving digital environment.

Discussions will include best practices for meeting consumers where they’re at, how to use third-party apps like DoorDash to market to busy consumers who value convenience and what new innovative products and offerings are coming down the pipeline to take stock of as DoorDash looks to redefine the concept of advertising.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Understand the unique habits and expectations of DoorDash's monthly active users.
  2. Best practices for stocking the digital shelves.
  3. Leverage third-party apps like DoorDash as a marketing tool.

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Toby Espinosa Vice President of Ads DoorDash
Lauren Freedman Director, eCommerce Marketing Coca-Cola North America
Stefanie Kruse Vice President, Digital, Ecommerce, and Omni-Channel Walgreens

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