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Linear to CTV advertising and digital to big screen are a once-in-a-generation transformation. But simply shifting budget to CTV isn’t enough. CTV advertising must be done differently than TV, search and social.

Join this session to explore the audience-centric, content-agnostic and cookieless approaches to targeting and measurement that will unlock the full potential of this new medium and turn CTV into a performance channel finely tuned to deliver 10X+ lift in ROAS while regaining iOS visibility.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Why marketers should approach CTV differently from other TV and digital channels.
  2. What approaches to targeting & measurement deliver optimum full funnel CTV performance.
  3. How can marketers regain visibility in iOS, CTV and other cookieless environments.
  4. How to view, understand & optimise the individual user journey from CTV impressions to outcomes on iPhone and Safari.
  5. Approaches to controlling reach & frequency across CTV platforms.

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Fabrice Beer-gabel Vice President of Strategy Intent IQ
Joel Cox Co-founder Strategus

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