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In this session, TBWA\Chiat\Day NY's Chief Innovation Officer Rori DuBoff — alongside Google’s Global Head of Creative for Labs Partnerships, Matthieu Lorrain — will explore how new Artificial Intelligence tools are disrupting the creative landscape and creating previously unimaginable possibilities. While sharing examples of works created by people using machine-learning tools such as Midjourney, Dalle2 and other emerging platforms, they'll explore the implications and opportunities of human-machine artistic collaboration.

The role of humans and machines regarding the future of creativity is a complex and fascinating topic. The strategic, creative and business implications connected to AI-generated art are tremendous and give rise to many questions and opportunities. If a machine helps generate art, is it even considered art? How can it empower creators — by the inputs and concept or outputs and execution? If the future of all art creation is further automated, what are the opportunities for creators?

Informed by NEXT — TBWA’s global innovation practice designed to shape the future of brand experiences — we will go deeper into these emerging technologies to explore how creativity can evolve, adapt and be amplified in ways that enable new forms of brand expression and experiences. View Less

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  1. The session will provide a more tangible understanding of the current landscape of AI creativity, with specific references to the tools and creative outputs being generated.
  2. Attendees will learn about the short- and longer-term opportunities and implications of this developing space for creators, brands and consumers.
  3. Why it’s important to be aware, experiment with and use new technologies to help create and shape creative product.

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Rori DuBoff Cheif Innovation Officer TBWA \ Chiat \ Day New York
Matthieu Lorrain Global Head of Creative Google Labs

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