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Innovations, big and small, all start with the same essential component: curiosity. Hear stories from Wanderlab’s creative leaders and partners who championed exploration, and learn how to infuse curiosity into your own creative culture.

Curiosity is the common catalyst in all innovations, big and small. While the pandemic was trying on the travel industry, Tripadvisor invested in curiosity and its creative culture. And thus, Wanderlab — Tripadvisor’s new brand studio — was born.

Today, Wanderlab is winning awards for innovations that drive voice activations, editorial content endeavors, bespoke videos and so much more.

Hear from creative leaders who championed this evolution at Tripadvisor and learn how to infuse curiosity into your own creative culture. Listen as their client shares challenges and how they’re innovating to connect with new audiences in new ways. Have a seat, ask questions and be curious. View Less

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. How curiosity drives innovation and creativity.
  2. The benefit of brands being curious.
  3. How to champion curiosity where you are.
  4. How data validates curiosity and spurs innovation forward.

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Adam Ochman Global Head, Wanderlab Wanderlab at Tripadvisor
Kevin Frazier Co-host of Entertainment Tonight and Founder of Sepi/Travel Coterie Sepi/Travel Coterie
Christine Neville Group Account Director The Shipyard
Kayla Yap Director of Brand Management San Diego Tourism Authority
Ryan Barwick Media and Advertising Reporter at Morning Brew, Writer for the Marketing Brew Newsletter Morning Brew

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