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Sports represent a window into culture. They tug at the passion of fans, the hearts of competitors and the spirit of community. How can this be effectively harnessed to make the most of these platforms to reach and advance diverse communities?

As a powerful example of this intersection of consumers and community, Capitanes del Futuro, created in partnership with P&G, MLS and the Hispanic Star, is a unique program built around the world of soccer to prepare the next generation of Hispanic leaders and help them embrace Hispanic values as their superpower.

Join us to understand this successful model of advancing communities through impactful brand participation. You won’t want to miss it.

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Claudia Romo Edelman Founder We Are All Human
Jeronimo Escudero Senior Brand Director Procter & Gamble
Andres Gonzalez Vice President, Partnerships New York City Football Club
Francisco Ortiz VP of Partnership Marketing Major League Soccer/SUM

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