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Half of the U.S. has now lost what the UN deems a fundamental human right: bodily autonomy. This panel unveils new research from Mindshare and GroupM, examining the sentiments of those most impacted by the eroding rights to privacy; and the growing expectation of advertisers to be part of the solution.

Learn how consumers across different backgrounds feel about bodily autonomy, the role brands and media platforms have in a post-Roe v. Wade world and what it means for the future of using women’s empowerment in marketing.

As civil liberties continue to be politicized, society is increasingly looking to the private sector as a moral compass. From Black Lives Matter to Voting Rights to Transgender equality and now Roe v. Wade — it has become more of an expectation that brands speak out or fear losing favor with employees and consumers alike.

Joining Mindshare and GroupM onstage in the discussion will be the Deputy Editor of The Cut (New York Magazine’s lifestyle culture and fashion brand) to highlight the media’s role in breaking down the deep cultural taboo of abortion in light of NY Mag’s recent provocative cover “This Magazine Can Help You Get An Abortion.” View Less

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  1. How do brands navigate these uncharted territories where social currency is at stake for companies and human rights are up for grabs for people?
  2. Specific to women’s rights and bodily autonomy, what do consumers and especially women / people with uteruses want to hear? What nuances exist based on points of intersectionality?
  3. As marketers have increasingly used feminism and women’s empowerment as communications tools in their campaigns, what is the future of purpose advertising targeted towards women and non-binary people if fundamental liberties are set back?

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Rachel Lowenstein Global Head of Inclusive Innovation Mindshare
LaToya Christian Managing Partner, Inclusive Strategy & Innovation GroupM
Jen Ortiz Deputy Editor, The Cut New York Magazine

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