Brendan Garrone

Brendan Garrone holds the position of Vice President, Programmatic Partnerships, Advertising & Partnerships at NBCUniversal. Garrone has spent over 4 years growing NBCUniversal’s programmatic advertising offering within AdSmart, the advanced advertising division of the company. He and his team are responsible for driving the continued adoption of automation and data-driven media buying across NBCU’s digital assets. Garrone is passionate about bringing NBCUniversal’s industry leading content to marketing partners through programmatic channels.

Before joining NBCU, Garrone served as Programmatic Sales Manager for Hearst. In this role, he worked with clients both in the US and globally to facilitate automated media buying across the company’s portfolio of iconic media brand. Garrone has a unique combination of both sales and technical experience in digital advertising from additional roles at Mode Media and Inform. Garrone holds an M.A in Anthropology from Columbia University and B.A’s in History and Anthropology from the University of New Hampshire. He serves as a board member for COAC, a non-profit organization servicing NYC-area children and families. A longtime resident of Brooklyn, he and his wife now reside in the suburbs of Long Island.