Joey Pantoliano

Bad Boys Trilogy, The Matrix, Memento, Bound, and an Emmy win for The Sopranos), Joe, “Joey Pants” Pantoliano has become a significant voice in the area of emotional health. He traveled the world with his award-winning documentary No Kidding, Me 2! as part of his advocacy of stomping the stigma, shame, and discrimination of mental Dis-Ease. This empowering film sheds light on the nearly 100 million Americans who suffer in isolation. He is a New York Times best seller with two Memoirs Who’s Sorry Now and Asylum: Hollywood Tales From My Great Depression: Brain Dis-Ease, Recovery, and Being My Mother’s Son.

Joe is married to Nancy Sheppard Pantoliano, and together they have four children: Marco, Melody, Daniella and Isabella and four grandchildren.